Hello, I'm Mady.

I cry about Sherlock here and you're welcome to join me.

"Nothing is infinite, not even loss. You are made of the sea and the stars, and one day you are going to find yourself again."

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Or I did last time I checked

i saw this shirt in the store the other day that said ‘leave me alone’ and at first I was all ‘oh how hipstery and annoying’ but then i thought it might be a good idea to purchase that shirt and wear it on my first day back to school cause ya know

"Acting is reacting." - Martin Freeman → John Watson in Series 3

i think the reason i cant imagine being in a relationship with anyone is because i dont think anyone can compare to ben c, tom hiddles, jude law, or any other perfect human being i have come to see on the big screen and thats just that

batchenfall replied to your post: Important…. I need your advice/thoug…

hey love ❤️ I think that guy’s obsessed with you and maybe you can tell it straight to his face that you don’t want anything to do with him and just leave you alone…

unfortunately I’ve done just that WAY too many times and he just doesn’t quit. I’ve almost called the police on him for harassment and had a restraining order put in place - it’s that bad.

ben c stop bein a fookin cutie ok


Sherlock winks and Mrs. Hudson giggles like a young girl.

Me too Mrs. Hudson me too

hotdamnshezza wondered:
Download HitmanPro to do a super comprehensive scan of your computer. It will find and remove even the most insidious of viruses -- I had a legit horrible Trojan that no other antivirus or program even found, and it got rid of. You get a one-month free trial. It's the real deal. I recommend it to anyone having computer problems as a great starting point to find out what you're dealing with and to see if it takes care of it without having to take drastic measures (e.g., a factory reset).

Thanks I’m gonna check it out right now.

I need some help

So I left my laptop at my mums house for a while over the summer and my mum’s piece of shit fiancé helped himself to it…. And I’m fairly certain he downloaded shit and went to websites that could give me a virus. Long story short I’m trying to remove all this shit (it’s been an hour since I’ve started and I’m still fighting) from my computer but nothing is working. I’m starting to get extremely pissed off. Should I just reset to factory settings or what should I do? I have pop ups and ads to clean my computer and just stupid shit that means “you have or will have a virus”

I know not all of you (if any of you) are computer geniuses or know what to do… But I’m out of ideas and I’m freaking out. I don’t just use this computer for tumblr, I need it for school which starts in like… A week. So I need to fix it.





I’m rewatching supernatural (to bout season 4 cause anything after that starts to get shitty)

But guise. They are little babies ok

They are so young omg


i’m bored so im taking pictures of myself get over it

"A dragon slayer. Is that what you think of me?"